About the Market Council

The Market Council is an administrative “court of law”. It carries out supervision of the Marketing Control Act, as well as parts of the regulatory framework governing prohibitions against advertising in the Norwegian Tobacco and Alcohol Act, and the prohibition against political advertising in the Act on Broadcasting.

½The Marketing Council was established in 1974. It is subordinated The Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, and receives all its allocations from the national budget.

The procedure

The Market Council represents the second of a two-step procedure. Cases concerning assumed violation(s) against regulations in the Marketing Control Act must initially be considered by The Consumer Ombudsman (CO). The CO considers matters upon complaints from consumers and traders, but will also at its own initiative look at marketing measures.

Through negotiations with traders CO seeks to achieve voluntary arrangements. If such an arrangement is not reached, the dispute may be submitted to The Market Council. The Consumer Ombudsman may also take matters of principle to The Market Council, even if there is no dispute with the trader concerned. Traders and consumers with a legal interest may appeal a decision made by The Consumer Ombudsman to The Market Council.

Cases concerning assumed violations of the prohibitions against advertising in the Norwegian Tobacco and Alcohol Act must initially be considered by The Norwegian Directorate of Health, whereas cases concerning violations on the regulations in the Act on Broadcasting must initially be considered by The Norwegian Media Authority.  

The Market Council

The Market Council has the authority to issue decisions banning unlawful marketing, contract terms and conditions in standard contracts when deemed necessary in the interests of consumers. It also has the authority to ban unlawful advertising and to repeal decisions made by The Consumer Ombudsman, The Directorate of Health and The Norwegian Media Authority, respectively.

Decisions made by The Market Council can not be appealed to a superior administrative body, but can be brought to an ordinary court. Alleged maladministration can also be brought to the Parliamentary Ombudsman for assessment.

The Market Council consists of 9 members; 1 chairperson, 1 vice chairperson and 7 ordinary members, who are appointed by the King in Council for a 4 year period. The Market Council has about 6-8 meetings a year, and makes about 20–25 decisions each year. The average case handling time is about 3-3 ½ months.


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